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Organic cultivation

Our cultivation is based on EU Regulation 834/2007 adopted by the European Council of Ministers of Agriculture in June 2007.  This cultivation strictly adheres to specified conditions as follows:

-  No agrochemicals are used.

-  No chemicals are used.

-  Fertilization of soil uses only manure and self generating resources like leaves and the ashes of burnt olive branches after pruning.

-  No insecticides or other drugs are used to combat insects. Insect traps may be used.

-  Pruning and clearing of trees takes place in spring.

-  Trees are irrigated from June to September, with 1-2 tones of water per month depending on the size and needs of each tree.

-  Soil is plowed once in the spring.

-  The harvest is done manually.

-  Transfer to the olive oil press takes place immediately after harvesting the olives which are gathered in canvas sacks to ensure adequate ventilation during transport.

-  The pressing of olives to produce organic olive oil is a certified procedure under specific conditions. Cold water only is used in pressing to avoid the destruction of nutrients and vitamins.

-  The olive oil produced is immediately transferred to stainless steel containers to be stored. Storage conditions require a constant temperature and humidity and no access to light. Stringent conditions of cleanliness are respected throughout the entire process.
“Horizon” olive oil is produced in the traditional way in the village of Kalamafka, in Lasithi, Crete. This Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil is officially certified as organic by the “Bio Hellas” Institute. Because of its low acidity, and the complete absence of toxic substances, pesticides and herbicides and its excellent organoleptic characteristics, “Horizon” olive oil is a product of the highest and purest quality.


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